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( Oct. 24th, 2009 01:21 pm)

october is almost over and i haven't posted a picture of my desk! so here it is as of this morning. earlier i was working on Reconstruction, but after painting two pages, i switched over to work on the paper dolls that i want to finish for Halloween. i finished two first outfits for the Ghost Rider characters (their initial clothes from Marvel Spotlight no. 5, which is Ghost Rider's first appearance). and now i'm noodling with the Swamp Thing characters who are proving a larger challenge.

i've got Abby down okay and i even think i managed to get a fairly good Alec going (though all the little mossy details will be painful), but i am totally struggling with Constantine. i have an idea in my head of what i want him to look like, but haven't been able to capture it yet. it may take me a while. and by God he will have cigarettes.

i've decided to commit to this idea of setting up a paper doll blog to go through these series and draw all of their clothes (Alec will be the easiest ~ har). it'll be fun and give me an opportunity to re-read the books (it's been more than fifteen years, i think i mentioned before). and there will be a lot of issues that have no costume variations whatsoever, but chronicling the journey seems like a nice side distraction to keep me from going blitheringly crazy with Reconstruction (working on that sometimes just puts me in a dark mood).

to spare my non-comic-book flist peeps from my obsessive prattling on about this stuff (because i know i can definitely go on), i am setting up the aforementioned blog elsewhere, and will just periodically make announcements about what's going on over there. 

hope everyone is having a happy sattidy!
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( Aug. 30th, 2009 11:34 am)
socks ~ !

the weather is turning and i had a long day of on and off fighting with the Reconstruction project (and mostly winning, so it's all good), but i thought i should take a little break and work on something else for a while just to get my energy back up.

i could have washed dishes or sorted the laundry or cleaned the bathroom, but that'd be boring, so i tried to watch Lost (everyone and their mother has recommended it to me). i settled in with a frosty Coke and popcorn, put on the pilot, and enjoyed all the way up to where they shoot the polar bear in the second episode.

i wasn't bothered by the polar bear. i was strangely bothered by most of the behavior of the survivors. of course it's a tv show and we have to expedite the shock and horror and move onto monsters and adventure and mystery and all of that, but...i dunno. the expedition leading to the polar bear sorta did it in for me. first of all, they take shannon, who's totally useless physically ~ and they do it knowing there's a people-eating critter in the jungle. of course, she speaks French, so that makes it okay. secondly, they are on a hunt for water (allegedly), but don't appear to have any means for carrying water. what are they going to do, find it, drink some, then come back and say: yep, there's water! likewise, it just rained. does nobody think to maybe set something up to catch rainwater? they are equally careless salvaging stuff from the cockpit and...wait a minute...there's a man-eating critter snacking on the pilot, but they decide to run from the cockpit instead of stay inside where it might actually be safe? oy vey!

anyway, i was perfectly okay just flowing with all that nonsense until Sawyer pulled out the gun and had his little contretemps with Sayid. instantly i hated Sawyer as a character and dreaded the thought of suffering through untold number of episodes of this guy making trouble for no real reason at all. i took a desultory stab at finishing through the third episode, but it's over for me. i don't like any of the characters enough to stick with it. Hurley and Claire were about as interesting as it got, and i guess Jack was okay, but i didn't like the actor playing him. the rest of them were just cardboard to me.

the show is well put together, but doesn't do it for me, alas. i might give it another go when winter gets dark and cold and there's nothing else to watch. eh.

anyway, so i gave up on that and started digitally painting paper dolls (naturally). and above are some adorable socks to prove it.

hope everyone is still enjoying their weekend!

: D
snowy windy day ~ beautiful indeed! and the perfect sort of day for hunkering down at the desk to get some work done. but i wanted to check in with my lovely lj peeps since you may not hear from me again until the new year and i wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and all of that peace and love business before i vanish off into my own holiday.

i received a beautiful handmade card from [livejournal.com profile] scarlite, which was a great joy! and the gift of books from another wonderful and considerate lj friend (you know who you are!). thank you both for being such great friends out in the big bad world ~ you are some of the best parts of the beauty in it.

i am almost finished with my annual sappy Christmas story (this one's pretty amusing, though written rather "lite" for what it ought to have been. nevertheless, it's good grist for a future edit and completely worth it just for the scene in which the goat eats the head off the papier-mâché Jesus from the manger. who says Christmas "romances" have to be all lovey dovey anyway? i'll be wrapping this one up tomorrow in time for the due date (this was for a challenge at work).

also, i'm trying to play a little catch-up with Reconstruction because i have been naughty and not working on it lately. the time away was good though, and even though the work that will carry into the new year is still going to reflect some older choices, i'm looking forward to when the changes arrive and it starts moving along quicker.

finally, i've done a lot of work on the paper dolls that i started last week and they are coming along fairly well. i should have scanned something to share, but i want to have something more substantial finished before i put them here. if i get anything done by tomorrow i will try to come back and post.

if not, once again, happy holidays all! enjoy this season!

: D

If the condition of my desk is any indicator, I've had a pretty good weekend as far as productivity is concerned. I've really taken the pressure off myself with regard to certain specific goals. This weekend I mostly ran errands, changed a broken headlight (I'm so car-savvy), wrote Christmas cards, and worked on the annual Christmas story. This year's story is pretty silly, but I'm having lots of fun with it and I'm pretty sure it'll be done by the coming weekend (haven't decided whether I will draw pictures for it, however). I wanted to finish a draft this weekend, but I have some key conversations yet to write and there are tons of transitions missing (and it's so far a very sloppy first draft). I'm going to print it out tomorrow and maybe finish it during the week.

Otherwise, I worked on paper dolls. No particular reason except that I've been sorta sloughing off on making dolls, etc., and I'd like to have some done before the year ends since it was one of my "non-resolutions" for 2008. Interestingly (or rather, typically), I started with one set of dolls and worked on them Saturday evening, and then today decided I didn't really like them as much as I thought, so I completely redrew them and then made a third that turned out better than the previous four. Hey, I'll take it!

I didn't work on Reconstruction at all (the break I was taking last week spilled over into the weekend), but I think I'll be ready to get back to it soon. This Wednesday we wrap up all the "buffer" I had socked away, so I've got to get on it. I don't know if I have solved the problem I am having with the style, but the time away has given me some space to mull over the style changes I'm looking to make. I think they're a go, so after this week, you will probably start seeing a noticeable difference in the artwork.

And now I'm going to take some drawing stuff to curl up in bed (and my laptop so I can watch The Dark Knight for the 187th time ~ I believe in Harvey Dent!). Looks like the snowfall will nicely replace what got rained on this morning. I love waking up to a fresh white world!

Coming up: some more illustrated books and maybe actual pictures of dolls-in-progress!

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( Nov. 25th, 2008 07:59 am)
Yesterday, I received my issue of Paper Doll Studio in the mail (how geeky is this: I belong to the OPDAG: the Original Paper Doll Artists Guild ~ impressive, no?). Anyway, I was all prepared to be put off by the issue knowing it would be including my Edwin Booth doll. I know I tend to prepare for the worst while secretly hoping for the best, I guess, for all the good it does me. But in this case I was delighted (really, what other word is there?) to see my artwork given some prominence at the front of the issue (page 4 no less!) underneath paper doll artist giant Brenda Sneathon Mattox. And the art doesn't actually suck too much. I mean, I look at it and think: wow ~ I did a not-too-shabby job on some of the details there!

Okay, it's a small thing, but it amuses me greatly and I had a fabulously fun time painting it and submitting it and not feeling like the weight of the universe was crushing around my shoulders just to throw it out there. Clearly I need more of that in my life.


Anyway, I'm looking forward to painting something for the Spring issue as well. I certainly have plenty of time to get it done, whereas this one was such a last-minute struggle! If nothing else, it's nice for the exposure.

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i don't understand why no one's made a movie about Edwin Booth. maybe that's a good thing knowing the tendency to turn amazing historical stories into rubbish, but i think America has enough perspective at this point (and enough talent and technology) to do it up right. and what a story! maybe it's just too depressing. i admit i get depressed when i think about him. but so far as pathos goes, his life's got it all: deep dark tragedy, true love, lost love, fame, fortune, dereliction and despair.

anyway, i drew this for a project i am working on that has nothing to do with anything else that i have been working on, but which may actually be an actual submission to actual people. scary, that. we'll see. if i can finish it this weekend, i will share more. there's a july 31st deadline and i am notoriously slow at these things sometimes.

the painting is by j.s. sargent and was done in 1890. for my own picture, i made booth younger and gave him his "Hamlet" hair (and will draw a Hamlet costume to go with this), though the hair is not as long as he occasionally kept it. i am still working on the face, etc., so i may yet lengthen the hair.

ComicCon stuff is finally officially all done (whoohoo!!!).

Dark Knight tomorrow. can't wait!

happy thursday all!
the temperatures soared, but a wee bit of rain cooled things off again. lovely weather just now.

today, this is my favorite book ever:

i picked it up at half price books. yes, it's a children's book for ages 9-12. yes, it was written by the robert kennedy. yes it's less than fifty pages long. but it has wonderful artwork, replete with battle scenes and (oh my gosh!) blood! and it uses the phrase "petty despotisms", which i think all nine year-olds should be well acquainted with, so it's my favorite book ever.

that and Joshua Chamberlain is just the coolest. right after George Washington, of course.

okay, enough of that pitiful fangirl dwibbling. i finally completed Eleison no. 5 today (and without a moment to spare!). the manolo says it is the superfantastic issue and you will all want to read it! official announcement to be posted later today or tomorrow, so stay tuned!

: D

for relaxation, then, last night i went to bed with my light box, a pencil, and some scratch paper so that i could work on dolls. and i did. and they're going to be cool. i am not posting the doll yet because she's just a scribble too at the moment and really not much to look at.

all paper dolls start life as scribbles on scratch paper. and i tend to save the scribbles because they make good templates for others things.

click if you want to see the scribble with color )

happy sunday all!
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( Jun. 30th, 2008 08:15 am)
it's july tomorrow and the summer is already one third over (which is great because the weather has been tolerable ~ this time last year it was excruciating!). but i had wanted to do stuff this summer that i haven't even begun to think about and i am worried that time will run out.

i had wanted to maybe learn how to ride a bike (don't laugh, no ever taught me!), or take horse riding lessons, or take a class in something fun/artsy. but the summer schedule at the U was crap (we get free tuition there), and i've got no one to teach me to ride a bike, and i'm too poor for horses. so all of that's gone south.

that doesn't leave me with much of a list to work on outside the usual goals for writing and reading. but i realized this past weekend that i had meant to do more paper doll work and i really haven't done much (some here and there, but nothing very organized or concrete ~ like most of everything else i flirt around with).

i want a paper doll blog. mostly to annoy my loving cousin [livejournal.com profile] babalueye, but also because i just think it would be cool to have something i could consistently build on. i am inspired by Anna's klippdocksblogg which has some wonderful artwork (looks like colored pencil, i think ~ i don't read swedish, alas. she also has a website here), and Liana's paper doll blog, which is fun because she had various movie/tv themes, etc. her blog has been a little erratic lately, but when she gets on a roll, it's a joy! other paper doll sites i like are David Clauden, and Brenda Sneathen-Mattox, who i forgive for making her website so nauseatingly pink because her artwork is so incredible.

today's picture is one of the weirder things in my paper doll collection: The Physionotrace, reproduced by the Getty Museum. this was a parlor game of that time-honored custom of judging people by the shape of their face (noses were all the rage in the early decades of the 19th century, as you can see). anyway, it's hilarious and comes with several sheets of random noses and hats. who says history is boring?

anyway, so that's where my thoughts are this morning. i feel like my drawing is at a place where if i really put the right kind of effort into something, it has a good chance of not sucking, which is great!

: D

happy monday all!
this doll took me only a couple of hours start to finish to complete. that's pretty amazing by my standards.

anyway, she needs clothes, obviously. i have some things in mind, but i don't know if i will get to them today. for now, i must take the dog for a walk.

i am having a day of full-on procrastination. clearly i have too much to do.

can you tell?

: D

edit: added a colored version. it came out pretty well for a quick job!
you know that sense: stuck in deep waters and going nowhere fast?

i keep meaning to update this journal with interesting things on days when it isn't an update day for Reconstruction, but it never seems to happen.

i guess it's because i'm fairly busy and don't have much to share. and i'm out of the habit of writing blog posts. it was easy to ramble endlessly about the assassination project because there was always some new resource to talk about and it never bothered me to blither on the subject because i don't feel proprietary about the material ~ it's history. my other writing projects, i feel proprietary about, so i'm less inclined to discuss them.

part of it too, is that i'm just not the least bit sure what i am doing with any of it. like all of my other online ventures, the Reconstruction webcomic amuses me. it gives me a chance to doodle, play with the paints, etc. but i don't think of it as "serious" work. or that it's going anywhere. this has to be evident in the fact that i approached the endeavor without any really organized thought as to how to make it work, etc. just sort of jumped in willy-nilly.

hard to un-willy-nilly something that's off to a haphazard start. and that leaves me, as usual, feeling rudderless. i have such a sense of what i want to do with my time and my creative energies, but i can't for the life of me get into a rhythm with any of it.

the picture of the day is a bit of romance, i suppose. i love the detail of it. i found it in a gallery of [livejournal.com profile] felaries65's which was posted to [livejournal.com profile] victorianlife. i've been thinking a lot about 19th century clothing lately. i had meant to do a lot of paper dolls this year, but haven't really accomplished that.

clearly i need to get back on some sort of schedule. my creative life is such a derailment, it seems. hence, this aimless post.

: o p
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( Mar. 2nd, 2008 02:32 pm)

i haven't painted Sid yet, but i couldn't resist throwing this together and giving it a digital tint just for the effect. i'm still working on his leather overcoat and the dog.

i like Sid. i try not to populate my world with too many characters that are just completely off the wall, but Sid was irresistible: affable, easy-going, single-minded, slightly crazy, and just plain fun. he's sensitive enough that you can hurt his feelings with a sharp word, but his short-term memory means he'll forget you insulted him before the day's out. unfortunately it also means he might not remember who you are when you serve him breakfast the next morning.

everywhere Sid goes, cities burn down and maybe he sees angels sometimes. he has been a child arsonist, a soldier (u.s. army sergeant), an oddjobsman, and a sheriff, but his principal adult occupation is a fireman and watchdog against the asian sex slave trade in san francisco. he marries late in life, to a notorious retired japanese vigilante woman with no tongue named Barabas (really, i'm not kidding).

perhaps my favorite thing about Sid is that he is mercifully free of his own past. no horror he has ever suffered (and he has suffered many) can ever touch him.

to see details of the clothes sans coloring, click here )

p.s. Sid lives in frisco for most of his adult life, but the design of his uniform is taken from a new york style i found in this excellent resource.
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( Mar. 1st, 2008 03:15 pm)
one day i will have some money and i will buy fireman toys because, c'mon, these are the coolest things ever!

from code 3 westchester collectibles: get outta town!

uncle sam wouldn't object to me spending my tax refund on toys, would he?

i don't really need to eat or clothe myself!

i am making a fireman paper doll (circa 1880s or thereabouts). you can see the preliminary undressed character under the cut. i ain't painted him yet and i am still working out of the details on his clothes (they are just sketched in at the moment). by the way, [livejournal.com profile] bachsoprano, this is the character who owns the smelly horse named Dung.

show me the pixture! )
i dinna quite finish James today. i still might, but i wanted to post what i had so far. i love the riding outfit. it's so snotty. and i love cadmium red (it's such a joy to paint with). i will finish this for sure during the week ~ after i finish drawing the other couple of outfits i wanted to. i also sketched an Emmaline, but have yet to commit her to real paper at this point. we'll see about that.

otherwise i have struggled some today. finished a draft of one of the stories i have been working on, but it feels weak. it's missing something (coherence? cohesion? co-something?). i feel like i really had a strong sense of what i was writing when i started it, but it's muddly now that it's semi-finished (at an alarming 5,700 words). it feels suddenly oddly pointless as a story and i'm not quite sure how to fix that.

Stars in Their Courses

synopsis: James ropes Lewis into trying to have a heart-to-heart with a woman who has been recently raped. Anyone who knows Lewis well enough ought to know this is destined for disaster.

a wee darling: He had left Camp Faiger in heavy buckskin trousers, a worn cotton blouse, a brown worsted coat on the verge of needing patches, and boots so bent and scuffed they appeared to have fought the late war all on their own.

mean things: Interestingly, this one of those rare instances where James isn't actually trying to be a jerk but comes off like one anyway. The meanest behavior actually comes from the woman, who jumps to unfortunate conclusions about everyone else's intentions.

nice things: i absolutely adore how Emmaline defends Lewis (i adore Emmaline, period). i think this moment and the final scene in which James gives Lewis an astrology lesson (metaphorically speaking - which is where the title comes from) are what inspired me to write the story.

random fact: i confess to perpetrating appalling things against the woman character in this story because, frankly, i don't like her. it seems strange not to like a character i created it, i guess, but sometimes characters are just that unpleasant.

I'm going to give the story a once more over and then maybe send it to a few peeps of distinction to get some needed perspective on it. then i can start doing illustrations for it. eeeeek!

: D
i'm tired of being poor at the moment. this morning i couldn't find my pencil. the thought of going out to buy a new one gave me angina (what kind of writer only has one good pencil anyway?).

i still can't find my pencil. but i've decided to do something else that doesn't require one.

: o p

i'm too disorganized. so i'm going to go back to outlining.

randomness about my process )

~ * ~

i don't normally make paper dolls of famous people/famous characters, etc, but i so started to make a V (from V for Vendetta) paper doll. i sketched the design for it and then managed to restrain myself from actually executing it. but i don't know how long i can hold off (prolly until i find my pencil ~ hahahahaha). i would have scanned the prototype to share, but that sounds like work. hahahaha ~

who knew i could be such a fan girl?
but as they say:
one man's terrorist
is another man's freedom fighter.
something to think about.
oddly quiet day yesterday ~ and i didn't get much done.

~ * ~

reading: charles johnson's Middle Passage ~ and not enjoying it very much. the story is interesting but the first-person narrative from the ex-bondsman on the lam for debts and semi-shanghaied into a slaver ship in 1830 is beyond credulity. johnson handles language beautifully, but i just don't buy it coming out of this character's mouth ~ no matter how well-educated he allegedly is (all that learning he did between farming and starving) ~ he starts spouting theories by german philosphers and my eyes just glaze over. some of it seems merely anachronistic and a lot of it is just pretentious. a whole section relaying the experience of a frighten cabin boy's witness to a creature in the hull is so littered with allusions that not only do we know that the boy didn't relate the story that way, but we wonder where the narrator character gets off putting such spin on the scene because it's clearly just for our benefit.

it's going to be work to finish this one, but i'm going to try to get through it. i've got about 130 pages to go, so hopefully i can wrap it up in a few days and get on to something else.

~ * ~

with the name poll nearly breaking even, i've decided the safest thing to do is spell the name "Mish" to avoid any possible confusion. thank you to everyone who responded!

and last night i also realized that i've let someone's negativity stop me from making paper dolls. how sad is that? who knew i was such a fragile flower ~ (pardon me while i roll my eyes at my own stupidity).

other than watching Desk Set later this evening, i have the whole day to do something ~ anything. sorta like yesterday except maybe i will take advantage of it.

so i'm off to write. or make paper dolls.

either way, i'm not going to let the voices in my head bother me.

: D

i used to sit on the floor every Christmas watching my brother paint while i doodled and dabbled in my sketchbook. some movie would be on ~ something with a good musical score, something (usually) that we'd both seen 100 times already, something with al pacino (how many times did we watch Insomnia?) occasionally my brother would swoop down to see what i was doing and more than often he would grab my hand, brush poised over some anemic illustration, and he would say: "paint! don't tickle!" (for the truly geeky, this is a reference to Sgt. Major Mulcahy in Glory when he tells Thomas to stab him with his bayonet.)

well, after years and years, i think i'm learning.

i went to Dick Blick (eeeeeee!) and bought some holbien antique goauches (so so so bad). and having good paint (and no excuses), i decided to not tickle. i mixed colors (made a flesh tone as i was taught, using white and yellow ochre and cadmium red and cobalt blue).

for a first attempt, i think it doesn't suck. i could nitpick, but i don't think i will.

i'm pleased enough to keep moving forward and that's what's important. i've drawn four other bodies that need painting and then, oh then, maybe, just maybe, i will actually paint some clothing for a change. i'm actually excited. if i weren't so tired (and had so much work-work to do i'd stay up all night.

: D
digital art depresses me. it's official.

i gotta find some way to resolve this whole love-hate thing.

digital is clean, it's fun, it's quick. it's easy, and you can undo to your heart's content (or do 500 variations and more!).

but it's still digital.

you can't hold it in your hand, can't pile it in a box, can't see all the loving kindness and care that went into fashioning each piece.

that makes me bonkers. especially when it comes to paper dolls (which are, after all, supposed to be made of paper).

my brothers and i grew up with more paper and pencils than plastic in our childhood. sure, we had all the Star Wars toys (especially by the time the third movie came out), but our imaginations were prone to other things. we were especially fixated with warrior skeletons (a la Jason and the Argonauts) and also talking animals who wore clothes (this from a children's book of stories of mine in which an animal orchestra gives a concert).

well back in them thar old days, they didn't make these kinds of toys and furries weren't exactly "in", so we improvised: we made them out of paper.

we built elaborate sets containing hundreds of pieces. warrior skeletons fought medieval knights and we drew castle walls and halls on paper taped end-to-end as battlegrounds. of the animals, my brother's set had the most bizarre mix ~ i don't remember it precisely, but the daughter was a cat and the son was a goat and the goat boy wore little knee pant-suits (like angus young). he must have had twenty knee pant-suits in all different colors. and then of course, later, when Star Wars first came out we drew a hundred stormtoopers and sand people and they fought on long sheets of paper taped end-to-end drawn to look like desert canyons.

alas, since these were playthings, they were handled roughly, fell into pieces, and eventually got thrown out. for all the hundreds of characters we made, it's really unfortunate that not a single one survived.

as an interesting side note, despite my love for paper dolls, i've always disliked dolls (like Barbies and whatnot). i never owned any dolls as a child (well none that didn't get trashed, burned, and wrecked in vicious ways ~ but let's not talk about my "issues"). likewise, for all my love of paper dolls and all their clothes, i personally don't like dressing and take a very einsteinian approach to clothing: everything matches and it all looks the same. just thought i would share.

well, thirty years later, i still make paper dolls, but i don't have the sort of longevity with doll projects that i used to. i don't like the style or i don't like the pose or i just don't like the doll and i never seem to finish any of them. take Razi-el that i posted this morning. i'll never finish him because i drew him on a piece of scratch paper so that i could scan him in and having done that and colored him, i'll just toss him in the pile will all the other doodles i've made recently. i didn't build him out of something to last, so he's easy to abandon.

this is a terrible habit. in the last year alone i've made and abandoned dozens of dolls whose only crime was that i didn't like what they were made out of.

okay, this entry just makes me sad.

i'm going to go make art or something.

: D
so here is the finalish product of the day's efforts.

i wanted to make a winter coat and then realized i needed something for the coat to go over, so ended up making a winter outfit. it's sorta squirrely because a.) i didn't cut it out proper and laid one piece over the other so you can see the white border overlap and b.) i did another rush color job just to see what it would look like.

i thought the face came out well for being a tiny thing. i'm not sure entirely it's the "right" face, but it's a good face nevertheless.

and i did make shoes to go with the dress, but i didn't paint them. i will later. for now i am going to let this sit and see if it doesn't grow on me.

: D
it's snowing in the most lovely way imaginable right now.

: D

~ * ~

so i wake up this morning, having slept a little better than usual as of late, and emerge to this newly whitened world and a sky all soft with crystals and after a brisk trot around the block with the dogs, come to my desk to find the carnage of last night's deranged assault on the paper dolls of the world.

now, i'm pretty bad about leaving my desk "as is" when i'm in the middle of projects, but this is pretty messy even for me.

at any rate, i'm going to finish tackling this one and see if i can't come up with something i will be satisfied with. the odds are totally against me (this is now about the fiftieth variation), but it keeps me otherwise out of trouble.

~ * ~

i keep meaning to take pictures of the snow, but always forget my camera when i go out. i'm not too bright that way, am i?

~ * ~

and finally, in a bit of randomness, here is a really really really cool sculpture i came across this morning by daniel chester french called Benediction. if i had a favorite sculptor, i think french would be my man (in spite of that whole lincoln thing). my favorite piece of his is his Death and the Sculptor which you can see at that link (it's the first image).

i was working on a doll <~ before the big move and today i got around to scanning the dress and messing with it colorwise in Painter.

my feelings on the end results are pretty feh. i didn't put much effort into the coloring here because i was just trying out different ideas, but overall, the doll and the complexity of the clothes doesn't seem worth all the effort and hoopla. this doll is constructed from over 18 separate pieces in order to give it some depth and texture, but in the end, none of that intricacy really shows through, i don't think. i'm a bit nonplussed.

should i just go back to traditional-style construction? i was very enthusiastic about this, but the results aren't really blowing me away and it's twelve times the work, frankly.

you decide... )