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( Oct. 24th, 2009 01:21 pm)

october is almost over and i haven't posted a picture of my desk! so here it is as of this morning. earlier i was working on Reconstruction, but after painting two pages, i switched over to work on the paper dolls that i want to finish for Halloween. i finished two first outfits for the Ghost Rider characters (their initial clothes from Marvel Spotlight no. 5, which is Ghost Rider's first appearance). and now i'm noodling with the Swamp Thing characters who are proving a larger challenge.

i've got Abby down okay and i even think i managed to get a fairly good Alec going (though all the little mossy details will be painful), but i am totally struggling with Constantine. i have an idea in my head of what i want him to look like, but haven't been able to capture it yet. it may take me a while. and by God he will have cigarettes.

i've decided to commit to this idea of setting up a paper doll blog to go through these series and draw all of their clothes (Alec will be the easiest ~ har). it'll be fun and give me an opportunity to re-read the books (it's been more than fifteen years, i think i mentioned before). and there will be a lot of issues that have no costume variations whatsoever, but chronicling the journey seems like a nice side distraction to keep me from going blitheringly crazy with Reconstruction (working on that sometimes just puts me in a dark mood).

to spare my non-comic-book flist peeps from my obsessive prattling on about this stuff (because i know i can definitely go on), i am setting up the aforementioned blog elsewhere, and will just periodically make announcements about what's going on over there. 

hope everyone is having a happy sattidy!


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