i had a three-day weekend during which i was really hoping to accomplish something. i started off well. did the dishes, went to Stillwater just for a nice outing. but i felt mungy all weekend and ended up watching really bad movies:

director: here's a great idea for a film ~ it's the end of the world and we have all these great special effects ~ trains! planes! we can make it horrific and exciting!
executive: what's the plot?
director: who cares! stuff blows up!
executive: who's your star?
director: hmmm, witlessly scripted, insipid plotless mess overreaching for profundity, but with great special effects...how about nicholas cage?!
executive: perfect! roll film!*

that's my imitation of [livejournal.com profile] utter_scoundrel, who is fall more clever than i in such matters.

anyway, i tinkered a little with Reconstruction, but not nearly as much as i wanted. i added some about the author-type info (as requested). i added a new scene which might actually be an old scene to some of you, though it has a pretty new picture! and i forgot to mention that i added a rating warning to the site (which you can read here). most of the time i don't worry about what other people think of my writing, but i did this is because i think my Disneyesque illustrations can give the wrong impressions about this project.

oh, and i wrote a very brief early history of the Darkesville Independents revealing at least a few little never-before mentioned details. this is not a live link anywhere on the site, so consider it exclusive content (aren't you special?)

i also discovered that the notifications are broken (and i haven't the oompa to fix them ~ meh). i am not in the proper flow with this and i still haven't got the archive or the galleries in order, which is a frustration. but i am going to work on the stories this week and maybe with more content, some solutions to the organization will begin to present themselves.

happy monday all!

: D

* in my defense, i did not actually pay to see this drek.
i've been lurking, but absent from posting for a variety of reasons too dull to go into. while there are yet an intrepid few of you still on my flist, lj looks dead (and i am likewise not doing much to revive it). the departure recently of several long-time flisters as well as the absence of many others (including the recently new proliferation of twittering) have made me decide that lj is in do-or-die mode and mostly dying.

most of you know i have been waffling about leaving or staying, but i'm resolving to make one last push. i'm going to force myself to blog at least three times a week. these posts are likely not going to be very personal. i'm no longer going to be posting about my creative process (which is a zoo in a china shop at the moment) but i will occasionally update with the necessary desk pictures from time to time. i'm mostly going to post about research and books as i get organized to tackle some major projects this spring. so if you are sick of the Civil War, the Lincoln assassination, bad 19th century novels, and/or picture books of various shades, be forewarned. occasionally i will try to post about movies as well.

i'm going to try to do this on a specific schedule. i will likely fail. but if i hope to continue keeping up with you precious few flisters remaining (and i want to!), i have to keep lj relevant for myself and this is the best way i can see to do it. nobody gets a foul for unfriending me. it's not likely that i will be posting anything that won't be totally open access from here on out.

post if you're still alive out there! i will be making a few cuts to trim some non-responsive peepage from my flist.

edit: and i don't mean that if you don't post i'm going to cut you! i really meant post here or to your own journal so we know you're out there and that there's still a community!
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( Jun. 6th, 2008 05:45 pm)
sorry about random goofiness ~ if anybody's been seeing posts come and go in a weird way from me. i've been tinkering.

please tell me i did not just spend the last couple of days rebuilding the Reconstruction website (which i destroyed by accident some months ago).

oh well, i guess i did. and now i am rebuilding the Here There Be Monsters Press site.

the good news is: it's looking pretty fab. i'll share later when there's something there to see and i've figured out what i want to put in the menu.

rainy rainy rainy here. but i have muchly enjoyed my first of all fridays off.

oh, and: it should be blackberry season all year 'round.

: D

picture of the day is a little bit of ars moriendi for you (i have death on my mind).

this is from a Book of Hours
belonging to King Rene of Anjou
circa 1475
and as we drift along
i never fail to be astounded by
the things we'll do for promises
and a song....

the bad news is my home internet is still being a butt. i can get online, but doing anything is pretty much a test of patience. the good news is, without the distraction of the internet, i am getting a lot of other work done (ha!).

decided that regardless of my pitching and rolling about writing vs. drawing, etc., i am pushing forward with Reconstruction in its sorta adapted sequential form (oh why not?). though i feel that my limited drawing skills and impatience with the progress make for alarmingly irregular panels, there are some things that just seem to me more starkly obvious in the comic-version as opposed to the written one. for instance, the fact of Lewis being so dang small, which i don't think gets emphasized enough in the book-as-written thus far (i will be see what i can do to remedy that).

See, Lewis is small. really really small. not only small because he's just sixteen, but small for sixteen, even. he could easily pass for 13 or 14 (leastways that's how i have always imagined him: downright runty at the outset). He's small enough that Morse develops a habit of resting an elbow on his shoulder as though he were a podium when they are lollygagging around camp.

unfinished inked sketch (with a quick tint thrown over it)
of Lewis in the Richmond arcade with brokers O.B. and Payton.

in a drawing, it's hard to miss the fact or allow yourself to forget how small he is.

in other project news: i've been thinking about In Pursuance of Said Conspiracy. i've been rather hard on it and myself (pawing through the last three drafts i see it's not nearly as awful as i thought it was). i don't like reading historical fiction about real people and i don't like writing it about real people. but i think i could do this without disrespecting the history if i stick mostly to the facts. i don't mind presenting the story in a context that has an agenda, but i would like to make sure it's an agenda supported by facts. dunno when i will go back to work on this. maybe in the spring when i can count off another 82 days.

sometimes images become so iconic that you
stop thinking of the people in them as real people.
these very rare images of Booth remind me that he was
a human being, whatever his (rather serious) faults.
quoth GAT: "None of the printed pictures that I have seen
do justice to Booth. Some of the cartes de visite
get him very nearly"

i don't think i would ever write a story about Booth specifically (as a living person). there are often days when i think the whole cast and crew ~ from the man in the funny hat to the least witness at the trial ~ has been abused quite enough down throughout the age.


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