one of the things that i really needed to fix with regard the Reconstruction site and its contents was the curious absence of Razi-el in all but the pale introduction. i think part of me has always been just a little chicken to fully integrate Razi-el into the story in an overt way, fearful of wrecking the sense of realism (clearly my sense of realism is a little off if that's the case). but considering that the whole story is driven by Razi-el's presence in Lewis Fletcher's life (irregardless of whether he's aware of it), i really need to make sure his presence is felt by the reader.

so, enter Razi-el.

furthermore, i thought it would be amusing to share a rough draft of some small something with you. i often read about the process of other writers on my flist and enjoy (in the best sense of the word) their struggles and wonder, sometimes, at the piles of papers and edits and other detritus that may litter their desktops. editing is a violent thing (leastways i think some part of it should be!).

this is something i wrote last night (from Razi-el's pov to get him into the game). you'll notice it's accompanied by a wee little scribble (thinking forward to what picture to draw to accompany it). you'll prolly get to see the finished product of this by sunday. for the terminally curious, this is written with a plain ol' black Pilot pen on the back of a draft of some boring work thing (you can faintly see the ink bleed from the printing on the other side). sometimes i throw a color wash on the scribbles if the paints are handy.

hope everyone is off to a great friday! i have beta stuff to read and much to write, so i expect it will be a productive weekend in this corner of the world.

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Razi-el! And the pear! Hooray!

And I love seeing how you work. This is the part of the process that's so mysterious to me, and seeing how someone else does it gives me hope that my own fumblings (not that your work is a fumbling, though!) may have its own alchemy.

And yes, editing is a violent thing. My office looks like it's been hit by a hurricane, which makes me oddly happy.

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isn't it pretty amazing how everyone has their own quirks in process, but ultimately it's all a lot of angst and paper and more angst?

: D
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I think I would like if I could draw... just enough to help me see what I'm saying, sometimes. It's so frustrating to be able to capture an image--and yet not, I can never really take it down and LOOK at it, like I want to do.

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i find doodling without any critical judgment about it has helped me sort of overcome the horror and frustration of my own drawing. if i feel like a picture isn't working or i can't get it right, i just put it aside and doodle until i loosen up enough to reapproach it.

drawing is hard! i'll be the first to admit it!

: D


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