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( Aug. 22nd, 2009 05:09 pm)

i can't believe it's been a week since i last posted! i've been working, keeping very busy, trying to build up a buffer. i'm on page 14, so it's going slow, but going. there's so much about digital painting that i'm figuring out along the way that i'm sure the first hundred pages or so are going to be ranging all over the map. style-wise i think there's really only one thing i'm capable of doing, so this is how it's going to look, though it's unfortunately got too much of a Phoenix Requiem-looking influence going. that was totally unintentional. i still really wanted something that looks more like the scribble above, but i seem incapable of scribbling consistently, so there you have it.

and speaking of the above scribble, this was a quickie study i did for a panel on page 13. i like the scribble better than how the painted version came out, so i'm posting this here for my own contemplation. but i won't fixate because that just leads down bad paths.

anyway, we're through the first week of m-th posts! it's been fun writing and drawing the Georgetown College scene that's coming up next week. as a result i have (not surprisingly, to anyone who knows me well enough) revamped the story structure quite a bit. alas, there won't be any exploding heads just yet, but i promise they'll come sooner than in the original plan, so just hang onto your hats.

if you haven't visited the site and seen the week's posts, you can see them all here!

hope everyone is having a great, productive weekend!


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