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( Jan. 1st, 2009 08:53 am)
i hope everyone has celebrated a safe new year's eve and is starting their new year with cheer and optimism. be gentle with your resolutions if you are prone to make them: you don't want to trap yourself with obligations you can't or don't want to fulfill and find yourself grumpy and disappointed before the first quarter is even over!

for me, i've written my list of the year's goals. last year i didn't get as much done as i would have liked, but i feel more focused this year (or at least have been more recently). so i am hopeful.

in reading: last night i considered challenging myself to finish reading Quicksilver (i had said i would), but instead i read Enid Blyton's The Enchanted Wood (or at least the beginning of it). Blyton's style is rather simplistic (it's a children's book after all, and definitely a product of its time), but i am reminded of how prolific she was. she was a natural storyteller, i guess. that's something i have never been. i can weave a charming anecdote, but writing has always leaned more to the technical side for me.

i will finish Quicksilver this year at some point, but at the moment i have so many more exciting things on my night stand. you will be hearing about them along the way, no doubt.

in writing: in 2009 Reconstruction will celebrate 20 years (officially in August). i guess i ought to polish off the writing of the old thing, shouldn't i? i mean, the sequential version will keep just fine running as it is (and it is!), but the narrative text it scattered over so many places right now. this will be a year of gathering it up and trying to put it into some sort of order.

anyway, i am celebrating this milestone (and semi-resolution) with a bottle of absinthe today (because what could be more appropos?).

in writing (cont.): the last thing i wrote in 2008 was the annual Christmas story. clocking in at a little over 30 pages, it turned out rather amusing, though has a lot of rough edges and a couple of dropped threads that need to be basted back in. but i managed to write it without any pressure whatsoever of feeling like it had to be the least bit good or feeling like i had to defend it. i honestly don't think i have enjoyed something so much for a long, long time. i am hoping that this bit of liberation will free me up to be more productive in the coming year.

i haven't given up on In Pursuance of Said Conspiracy either, by the way. i am trying to figure out how to fit it into my schedule (it's going to be a tight race if i want to get it going by april). i just need to clear some other unfinished business off of my desk.

finally, The Orchard debuts today and will be posting weekly on thursdays. yay!

okay, enough potpourri from me: tell me one thing you want to try this year that you've never done before ~ and one thing you really want to focus on accomplishing!

: D


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