i really want some markers.

i'm not entirely sure why. i've never had much interest in them before. found some Design markers (a discontinued brand) from about twenty years ago (i'm not kidding, i'm pretty sure i bought them in 1988). not only do they still work (God loves alcohol-based markers!), but they're kind of cool and i was playing with them and thinking about all the possibilities.

and the colors! oh man, the colors are so dang vivid!

the copic markers (above) are professional-quality and super expensive (yarg!), but i was thinking about getting a cheaper brand just to play with. Blick makes a very cheap student-grade set and i have a 30%-off coupon and i am very tempted. i want something that doesn't streak, blends well, and doesn't bleed.

unfortunately, i have learned the long way around that there are some things you shouldn't skimp on. hair products (especially when you have as much hair as i do), and art supplies. a Blick set of 24 would cost me about $30. a copic set of 36? $125. it sounds horrendous, but these babies sell for more than $5 a pop, so a set of 36 for $125ish is a pretty fabulous deal. i could just buy a handful of singles, but my coupon is for one item only, so a set would make better sense. prismacolor also makes sets....

and then it just gets too confusing.


yeah. purty.


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