yesterday we concluded the second week of M-Th regular posting of Reconstruction. this morning I was doing a little cleanup, including making the scene notes a little more detailed, link-filled, and prettier. i think it's not readily apparent that each scene has a notes section because you have to click on the "read more" from the home page to view it. i might need to do something to make it more obvious?

likewise, it's hard to know how much to include in the notes. no spoilers for the story, of course, but how much historical droning is relevant? or how much production bibbling do you want to hear about. i guess no one is forced to read it, but i don't want to make it tedious either.

anyway! this week we started a new scene that will run through next week. these opening moments are sorta flash-in-the-pan. we're going to get into longer sequences very soon.

anyway, enjoy and i certainly welcome your input here, there, wherever, if you have suggestions, comments, etc.

happy friday all!


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