So my dear pen pal of twenty years, [ profile] utter_scoundrel, sent me the complete TV series of Millennium for Christmas and I hunkered down to start watching it this weekend (and subsequently did little else ~ ha!). For those of you who may not know the show, it ran in the late 90s (heading for the millennium), and was Chris Carter's (of X-files fame) second child. I think the show probably suffered from Carter overkill (X-files was heading for rocky shores with much of its fan base ~ including me at the time). After three seasons, the show was canceled.

Which means you have to suffer through three seasons of me yabbering about it. I promise I'll try to keep it painless.

I'm not going to belabor the plot points of these episodes because there's a ton of information out there about the show and its particulars, especially at the Fourth Horseman Press Millennial Abyss site. What's mostly here is brief impressions from a first watch, but they will have spoilers and since this seems like a great show to pick up between other shows (just as I am doing, I guess), I'll put the comments under a cut and you can read or not. And away we go! )

More next week! If you watched the series and remember it, I would love to hear your thoughts!

: D


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