i've been lurking, but absent from posting for a variety of reasons too dull to go into. while there are yet an intrepid few of you still on my flist, lj looks dead (and i am likewise not doing much to revive it). the departure recently of several long-time flisters as well as the absence of many others (including the recently new proliferation of twittering) have made me decide that lj is in do-or-die mode and mostly dying.

most of you know i have been waffling about leaving or staying, but i'm resolving to make one last push. i'm going to force myself to blog at least three times a week. these posts are likely not going to be very personal. i'm no longer going to be posting about my creative process (which is a zoo in a china shop at the moment) but i will occasionally update with the necessary desk pictures from time to time. i'm mostly going to post about research and books as i get organized to tackle some major projects this spring. so if you are sick of the Civil War, the Lincoln assassination, bad 19th century novels, and/or picture books of various shades, be forewarned. occasionally i will try to post about movies as well.

i'm going to try to do this on a specific schedule. i will likely fail. but if i hope to continue keeping up with you precious few flisters remaining (and i want to!), i have to keep lj relevant for myself and this is the best way i can see to do it. nobody gets a foul for unfriending me. it's not likely that i will be posting anything that won't be totally open access from here on out.

post if you're still alive out there! i will be making a few cuts to trim some non-responsive peepage from my flist.

edit: and i don't mean that if you don't post i'm going to cut you! i really meant post here or to your own journal so we know you're out there and that there's still a community!


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